15th October 2016: 289/366 Childlike

Explain your biggest regret — as though to a small child.

My number one rule in my life is No Regrets. However I do have advice to the little ones through my life existance in this world. Firstly, learn to speak up if you ever feel uncomfortable even if you need to shout for help, please shout. Do not ever let people intrude and take your life away just like that. 

Next, be yourself. Do not be somebody else you are not just because they are cooler. Just be yourself as every person is perfect the way they are. Nobody is a perfect angel. Besides I would rather be myself and let people see me the way I am than impressing people and afterwards failed them further. 

This might not apply to everyone but it does for me that is always do things as if somebody is watching you all the time so that you will always be aware of the things you do and have the reasons and good intentions on all the things you do. Well being a goodie goodie completely have its secrets. 

Lastly, happiness is a choice no matter what situation you are in. The step of being happy starts from within you. So be happy, be you, be good and true and lastly take charge of your life. 

Friday 23rd December 2016 0014hrs


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