14th October 2016: 288/366 Imitation/Flattery

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author. 

This prompt is definitely a no-go because I do not have a favourite author other than myself. If my style of blogging have any similarities to yours then we are the same and it is purely coincidental. 

I am on my way to work and it is raining super heavily. Firstly, I hope when I reach my work station, the rain will simmer a bit. I actually very sleepy because my body just woke up way early today. 

Tomorrow will be busy because I will be baking and I slot a last minute dinner appointment with a friend of mine at a thai place in Dhoby Ghaut.

I will be on leave till Monday and will be back on Tuesday and yes it is going to be a busy Christmas weekend for me as I have a wedding dinner to attend on Saturday Night in Johor Bahru. I hope I survived through the jam. Oh and I am trying the advance grab hitch to head to my hotel at Johor Bahru. Hope it works. 

Thursday 22nd December 2016 1426hrs. 


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