11th October 2016: 385/366 Mid-Season Replacement

When the seasons change, are you usually glad to be moving into a new one, or wishing for one more week of the old?

In Singapore, it is either hot or raining. This season supposedly to be raining but it can be hot like now on an afternoon to work. Nonetheless, I am blessed to experience another day no matter what season it is. 

I am still finding to plan my next March Holiday but I have no idea to where yet. Any ideas anyone to tag me along to anywhere? So far I only have a  Lombok Trip with my friend in my plans for next year travels. Pending one family trip and 2 more other trips as well possibly one to Malaysia and another to Thailand. 

By the way I have this irritating fly who keep stalking me online. I bet I am not only the victim this fly is targeting. This fly probably stalks me here to so words of advice, kindly advice to back off between me and my friends because time will tell if you get caught. Take note that you can be a fly but there is a much bigger fly that you should be more weary about. 

Lastly, I am happy for what I get and how I wrapped/packaged my secret santa gift for my colleague. I hope that my craftmanship is not that an obvious hint. 

Wednesday 21st December 2016 0008hrs 


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