10th October 2016: 284/366 Fright Night

Do you like being scared by books, films, and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it — or don’t.

Horror films and books are my biggest entertainment because I find horror comedic. The scares, sounds and shocks make it really thrilling to watch. What more if the ghosts showed up, the look will make it more comedic. Of course I cannot say what happens if I really meet one myself. Would I laugh or just froze?

I am afraid of sudden surprises and afterwards after being surprised, the next reaction is to laugh. That usually the case unless it is something really distraught that it would not be nice nor good news for me. 

Being scared is a love hate thing for me. Love of being scared means that I am still human and there is always fear left in me. Hate of being scared because you have no idea what your ultimate reaction will be and you get paranoid about everything else. 

I am on my way to work late again for today because I had 2 pitstops at Typo at Jems and Clementi outlets to find An A piece thing for my secret santa gift but it is sold out. What A popular, should have bought that day together with the gift. But at least I got the cat for my mummy. MEOW. 

Tuesday 20th December 2016 1432hrs 


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