Day 11 gives us the chance to actually use the pool. We finally get them to on the filter for the pool for the last day and the water is super cold. Omgosh. 

We finally say goodbye on the 6 days 5 nights at this huge 3 storey Villa of ours. It has been a great experience to live in a really huge house. Things that could have been better is the point of contact which needs to be available 24 hours just in case if there is anything happening in the house just like the power trip. Wifi is not good idea. Maybe wifi point at every storey will help? Lastly ants seem to be a problem but at least they provide the insect spray. Oh yes we need a safe to plus adapters as well that we bought at the end. 

I personally going to miss our 2 happen to be temperory pets every morning and even on every night when we come back at the door. One playful with the hand but afraid to be touch and another definitely much more authorative and requires attention. In conclusion they are always hungry. 

We are on the road to Jakarta leaving later than the expected 10am. Lucky for us we are not going on the opposite direction where the jam is. It was a total of about 4 hours drive just like the journey to Ciwidey but with no jam. We are on a SQ flight back to Singapore from Jakarta at 1700hrs and it has been a long time I actually took a huge plane home. Comfort it is for sure despite the start point of the change of seats. The stewardess could have handled it better because shuffling us bring us back to the same seats with just one wrong seat. Anyway the whole trip is a fun trip with wonderful experience with friends and family. I cannot believe it over last 3 days ago. 

Friday 16th December 2016 1034hrs 


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