Shopping starts with fabric at Dfashion outlet followed by Hasnah Tailor recommended by our driver Pak Asep. After all that, we head to Pasar Baru which we spend so much time in. There is so called “personal shopper” for us in Pasar Baru which he recommend us which are the shops is best to get what. In hours, we head for scarfs, clothings, chips and luggage. We also had a short city sightseeing with our van as well. 

This is our combined Lunch and Dinner at Khartika Sari that I had Nasi Lewit. It is something like Ayam Penyet to me. The only difference that the rice is claypot. The chicken is  little though.  After which we shop for Bakery items at Khartika Sari itself and Amanda for their brownies and yes their brownies already been almost sold out with just original flavours for us to purchase. 

After that we hop on for a short shopping at the factory outlets in Dago at 2 outlets to be exact. The first one Glow we didnt get anything but when we shift to Blossom just next door. I myself spent a lot mainly for myself, my work team and friends. And before we head home, it is Macs drive thru for supper. After 5 days, well 4 days actually we say goodbye to our driver Pak Asep. Thank you for your patience and your hosting around your city. We enjoyed it. Although the only difference is the payment at the end of miscommunication is not a good highlight but nonetheless that is not your fault. 

Thursday 15th December 2016 0633hrs 


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