Day 9 off to Ciwidey area. A 4 hours drive to Kawah Putih makes my butt hurts plus on that Monday it was a public holiday so that explains the jam the whole day. 

As we reach our next destination, Situ Patengan. The mist just came, took over and just rain heavily. We are supposed to have our very late lunch at this nice huge ship but it was packed with so many people considering the heavy rain. We did not have enough time and chances to take nice photos of the place also. Therefore it must be a comeback visit. 

Heading to Rancha Upas was a journey gone wrong. We got stuck in the jam till it is dark so that explains we missed Rancha Upas and Sawir Gawir on that day. Sunday and Monday journey was missed with all the 2 attraction worth each day. 

At the end of that night I was trying to just show off. Just for fun of it and my own track record of my workout session too despite me still being skinny. 

Wednesday 14th December 2016 1630hrs 


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