We had a change of driver and was started on the wrong foot because of something happened and it dragged throughout the day. Well not a choice of driver you want to get. Hit and Miss, we want Pak Asep back! Oh we have 3  cats visiting us this morning as well. We had homecooked food as well made by my maid as usual she is a great cook which can do with what she had. 

Tebing Kraton is an awe. The view is that breathtaking that is worth a visit and experience. Sadly I forget to bring my phone but at least I get some photos from my mother and her friend. Tourist ticket is at Rp 52.000 and the ride up with a motorcycle is at Rp 50.000. The journey up was an experiencing that was worth because you would not want to take a walk up that long route. 

We head to De Ranch. A place I been before however the only change is there is some closure on some places to walk. This place is for my niece as fun activities awaits her. Tickets is at Rp 10.000 exhangeable for milk. We had some snacks in there too. Lembang area could be better if there is no road closure and bad jam that we have to miss Dusun Bambu and Curug Cemagi. 

Ciwalk is where our final destination is for the day. We had dinner at Es Teler 77 of local food and walk around the shopping premise. We wanted to walk the Cihampelas Streets but it is still raining so we headed home with a pitstop at Nike Factory Outlet at Dago Street and Alpha Mart with a massive jam due to an accident of a car overturn. Thats Day 8. Time Flies. 

Sunday 11th December 2016 Bdg 1123hrs


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