Day 7 brings us to Lembang visiting Farmhouse. A farm themed park with farm animals and nice spots for photo taking opportunity. The cost is Rp 20.000 per entry and exchangeable for either milk or biscuit. They have food stalls, lovelock park, farm animals which I got step and climb on by the blah blah white sheeps. 

Tangkuban Parahu finally I reach you. This is one of those miss visits I had last time I came here. Ticket for tourist is at Rp 200.000 definitely worth the view for sure. 

Next we head to Taman Wisata Ciater Hot Spring which entrance fee is at Rp 28.000. This place is not the same as I went the privious time which is a resort instead. There are a few places but we ended up soaking our legs instead having the whole place during our usage. The water is hot and great. Definitely worth the dip. 

Lembang Floating Market is another miss stop the last time I was here. This is definitely a different experience and was not what I expected as I thought it would be something like in Thailand but it is not. Entrance is at Rp 25.000 which coupons exchangeable to hot drinks. We had nice snacks of food while it was raining heavily. 

We then head to Rumah Mode for Shopping and I did not get anything because nothing excites me at the moment. After that it was pretty late so we head to Sierra Cafe and Lounge for dinner. And gosh the beverage I had is so sinful. It is more towards dessert. 

Alright another latepost for Day 7. Currently now heading to Kawah Putih and it takes about almost 3 hours now and my butt is like swollen I think from seating to long. 

Sunday 11th December 2016 Bdg 1100hrs 


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