7th October 2016: 281/366 Exhale

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong – and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright

Season Greetings from Ciwidey Bandung Indonesia. Time now is at 1830hrs Bandung Time and we are stuck in a massive jam like really Jam that do not move at all. Usually I will be sleepy and will sleep through. Now it is a little different as I am awake waiting for the transport to move. Besides, it is a long weekend for Indonesians as tomorrow is Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. 
There are always times where everything one by one just fall on you in a wrong place and wrong time but in the end of all those misery, things will eventually come out alright for you. 

In reference to my faith, Allah will only put challenges that you can overcome and eventually things will get better afterwards. All the things that happened to you happened for a reason whether it is visible to you now or later. 

Like this jam, we will pull through at the end and yes there is a reason that maybe Ranca Upas, Saung Gawir and Cibaduyut are not the places that were meant to be visited today. 

Sunday 11th December 2016 BDG 1852hrs 


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