Day 6 welcomes me back to another familiar place called Bandung. This time I spend it with my family and there will be lots of sightseeing, food, shopping and bonding as well. 

My mother and I arrived first via train from Yogyakarta reaching about 0845hrs. After which, we head to the Airport welcoming the rest of the family. There is a major delay in the immigration about an hour as the president arrived in Bandung as well. 

We went straight to the BP3TKI to make some documents for my sister. One thing we missed out is there is lunch time between 1230 to 1330hrs so we have that delay. After completing everything by 2pm, we head for Lunch for Nasi Padang at Restoran Sederhana. Here I have eaten quite a number of weird dishes such as Chicken Heart and Cow Brain. I was tricked by the look thinking it was Beef Lungs for the Chicken Heart and my mum was so confident that the fish is super soft and influenced me to eat it as well. I knew something is not right when I first ate the brain but my mum think it is still fish. Total spent is about 79 dollars for 10 of us. 

We then head to Saung Udjo Angklung Show arriving 45 minutes late missing the first 4 segments of the show. This is my second time catching it and it did not change since last 2 years and it never dissappoint. We enjoyed it. 

We then go for factory outlet at Jalan Riau. We only managed to go for 2. Jalan Riau Stock Outlet and The Secret Factory Outlet. I came across this nice leather jacket Armani Jeans with a price tag at Rp 500000. I totally fall for it cause it looks great and I do not have one. Besides, where can I get a leather jacket branded at RP 500.000 (SGD 50ish)? Guess what when payment was made, it was actually Rp 1.500.000 (Sgd 150). Oh my gosh. Okayla at least pamper myself a bit but Wow. Dinner was at Stone Cafe near our location of stay and it brought memories just like my first night here in Bandung. Dinner overlooking Bandung. 

This is my room for the rest of my Bandung Trip and yes we are living in a 5 bedroom Villa of 3 Storeys. This is my first ever my family and I living in a big house. The house is so beautiful. It is worth the money. I will take more good morning photos of my stay. The reason why I did not manage to post this last night was because I knock off once my head touched that bed. Currently now heading to Rumah Mode for Shopping. 

Friday 9th December 2016 1921hrs


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