Good Morning to Day Five: Yogyakarta. We had an early morning for sure departing at 0330hrs however the driver was slightly late. Nonetheless, we managed to reach before estimated sunrise. However the sun was blocked through the clouds over the mist horizon. Ticket price Rp 30000.

We were early so why not get some breakfast? Since all of the food places do not open so early in the morning, our driver dropped us some resort nearby. I forget to get the namecard. They have set breakfast at Rp 100000 and ala carte. Their set breakfast is way more worth it and we are served like we are having a course dinner. 

It is time for rafting. We were on Elo River Grade 2 which is just a moderate for me. My mum and I will go up a grade the next time around. It is a 3 hour with a break over 12km route. The package also comes with a small indonesian cuisine set. 

Next Taman Sari. We never managed to see this last year so this year we visit it. It is Rp 15000 per tourist adult. The place is huge than I expected. It is worth the visit to historical places like this. 

Thank you Pawon Cokelat for the one night stay. The bed and toilet is what I need. Clean place but the only problem I had was with mosquitos which I know is not your fault but maybe provide the heating insect repellent? 

Dinner is buffet over a view at Neo Malioboro Hotel at Rp 75000 per person. We have to order separate drinks but hey IDR 75000 for a buffet of delicious food is so worth it. 

Alright time for me and mummy to head to Bandung via a local train. It will be another experience and adventure for my mummy. Speaking of which I broke so many things during this trip including one of my two made spectacles. Oh wells. Goodnight. 

Thursday 8th December ind 0038hrs sin 0138hrs 


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