Day 4 Cilacap/Jogja: Friendship Bonding.

Good Morning Cilacap and Breakfast was great. This Morning, we went to the only official attraction based on TripAdvisor. The Teluk Penyu Beach and Benteng Pendem Cilacap. Entrance fee is Rp 10000 to the beach. The beach have many boats along the way. 

This is like Singapore’s Fort SIloso. Entrance fee is Rp5000. The museum have the tunnels and old buildings. Oh and there are also deers admist. 

And this is such the last minute because we bump into 2 more friends and also we came across a boat driver that my friend Teguh went with a boat ride last 2 weeks ago. We had a boat ride along the sites of Cilacap and across. It was a great experience turn of events for me. 

Thank you Yuli for emabling us to reach on time for check out of slightly later. Hotel Dafam have a friendly staff relationship with guests however the room layout was pretty weird. The room cleaniness needs attention because bedsheets have stain marks and hair. The toilet has bugs and there is a room lizard as well. 

We took a taxi to the bus station to get bus tickets to Jogja that leaves hourly from Cilacap. We had bakso before heading for a 2pm bus ride. I slept on the first hour and a half and when I woke up. I realise this is a rollercoaster not a coach bus because the driver is a F1 race driver with his need for speed and overtaking. I pray we reach safely estimated at 8pm. Ticket price Rp 60000. 

After alighting at Jogja Bus Terminal, we hop on to the free shuttle bus to the city. There is also another shuttle bus to the airport. After reaching my accomodation for the night as my friend went home. Pawon Cokelat is located in the local housing area and it is very simple. Just bed and breakfast. They also only accept cash. Lastly a bonus point for a guesthouse is the warm water. Yay that is a stress free day 4 for me. Goodnight because a long day awaits tomorrow morning departing at 0330hrs with mummy and friends.

Tuesday 6th December 2016 Jog 2343 Sin 0043hrs 


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