Day 3 Cilacap: Monday Peace

Firstly I would like to thank Yopan for making the time for me for the weekend. A guide, friend and great company for sure. I wish you the best for what you are doing and yes as long you enjoy yourself doing motion design. Why not stay right? I am so proud to see you persue design as a career path. 

My first ever train ride in Indonesia. Honestly I was nervous because I have no idea what to do or expect. The executive class is comfortable. Oh and yes if you were to book on a daylight journey. It is a must for window seat okay. The view is beautiful. A little note when alighting in Kroya. I was the only person in the cabin so I was like confused and thank god my gut feeling brought me back because I forget my phone. That was a close one indeed. 

My friend teguh after one year we met again and was waiting for me at the exit gate. The train reach slightly later than expected too. We took a cab to Hotel Dafam Cilacap for about Rp 200000 for an hour journey. Hotel Dafam Cilacap is 3 stars so the expectation of stay needs to drop a little as well. Layout of the room was pretty weird though. We head out to get food and yes what a peaceful city indeed and it is so local that is very authentic from the people and the food as well. Stress Free. I had Mie Nyenyek and Soda Susu. The noodle is delicious. Soda Susu is my first and last though. 

After heading back for a shower, we went out for a night walk. Banana Fritters and Medoan is the bomb and cheap and freshly hot and Delicious. Omgosh Yummy. 

We arrived at Alun Alun Cilacap, one of the few places to just chill. Cilacap Bercahaya is translated to Shining Cilacap is their city slogan just like our Singapore the Lion City. The location is nice to just sit and chill. 

And the supper is Mie Soto Ayam. Definitely a different taste from anywhere else I ate. Slightly healtier from its colour and the amount of vegetables as well. Alright that is all from me tonight. Goodnight Cilacap!

Monday 5th December Indo Time 2200hrs Sin 2300hrs 


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