Day 2 Jakarta: Big Parks to Explore

Day 2 breakfast variety is not bad maybe because we are the first few ones. We head for a swim after breakfast and gosh the pool is long but not deep. I could say the most beautiful pool over the view as well. 

Ragunan Zoo is our first on our sightseeing list. The Zoological Park is filled with locals for picnics and of course sightseeing. The good points is the Zoo is really big and some of the animals are so up close to you. The price is IDR 4000  for entry and a separate fee to see the primate monkeys at Rp 7500. And yes finally see the Gorilla after hiding for so long. 

Next Lunch is at Hanamasa of Yakiniku at Taman Mini Mall just like Singapore’s Seoul Garden. It has steamboat and shabu shabu. And the price is pretty reasonable. I adult is 168500. Seoul Garden do not offer that price either. 

TMII Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is another park attraction to visit and oh boy ot is definitely not mini at all. We started biking for a rental of Rp 25000/hr. We cycled one whole big round and returned it after half an hour to 45 minutes because we get tired. Also for once I experience how bikers do squeeze. I have so much trust in Yopan because he is a biker that I didnt want to take the lead cycler because if I do, I will be way at the back. 

We then took their cable car to see the whole park at Rp 50000 per person and there is just so much to see. After that we did our walks to the different heritages which are mostly free. There are some which needs entrance fee but it is alright. 

We entered quite a few places including taking the Ferris Wheel. The song even helps the mood taking the ride. Overall, the park itself is enough for a day spent. 

We then head to Anchol Beach for dinner. The place is just like our East Coast Park but a bit more livelier with live bands. We had our dinner at a western cafe Le Bridge. The food is not bad and Michelle your voice is amazing. 

That is for me Jakarta and I would like to say thank you to my friend Yopan for spending your weekend with me. You do not have to be a good guide if you are with a great company. To our next meetup In Sha Allah. Amin. Goodnight Day 2. 


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