Day One Jakarta: It is all about traffic and patience. 

I went to the airport with my mummy this morning and I was way too early for my flight and before I want to check in; My original haversack is peeling off badly. Thank goodness I brought my spare haversack. And as usual I did my fragrance shopping and oh my goodness I managed to spend on three just to get 2 pokemon for my niece and nephew. Good thing is my fragrance and the plush toys, my sister brought it back so I do not have to bring over for my trip. 

I had a tummy ache after I had the Latte half of it and managed to use before I board. And gosh thank goodness I did the release in Singapore Airport Toilet which is sparkling clean. 

This is my second time with LionAir but this time I find it a little squeezy and my air con was spoilt too. I got the window seat but unfortunately no window. Nonetheless it was cooling when we are flying despite no air con. Thank God. 

When landed, I got the worst nightmare ever, I forget my freaking passcode for my phone. it locked from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to 10 minutes and then 30 minutes and another worst part is that is the time I waited for my luggage. It was really long. After gotten my luggage and went around looking for my friend, I suddenly remember my passcode. SubhannAllah. After 20 minutes about there, I decided to buy a simcard to locate and find my friend who have been waiting for about an hour plus. Thank you for waiting Yopan and Sorry for the delay. 

Traffic to the hotel is crazy as well. Welcome to Jakarta! We reached the wrong hotel as well and for that moment I realise how all my guests who came for the wrong hotel felt but it is okay we managed to get another transport to our real one. 

When we reach, the hotel is actually used to be the Grand Palace so the layout looks pretty interesting. I am from the hotel line so I kind of know what to expect. Strangely though my debit card cannot authorise. So I did my payment for the 2 nights stay and a cash deposit instead. We got our twin room on the 23rd floor, room was not bad. The duty manager who opened the safe that was locked was pretty though. We then head out just to await another traffic to the destination. 

Kota Tua Jakarta, that is what they called it. It is filled with many historical archictecture. Yes Architecture! One of my favourite about sightseeing. We were welcomed by Street Live Art where these figures that looks like statues comes alive. We can post photo with them as well. I find it creepy and awkward so I did not take with any of them. 

Fatahillah Square is literally a square where Jakartaians come and chill during weekends. So that explains the weekend jam? Many locals and tourists chill here visiting the museums surrounding the square just like we did. 

First up is Fatahillah Museum which is also Jakarta’s History Museum. Ticket entry is RP 5000 and the building itself is very historic as well. I am very visual so most of it I do not go in detail. The museum showcases the history of Jakarta that includes underground prisons, types of potteries, furnitures used etc. 

Museum Wayang is our next museum hop. I would say this is place where you would not want to actually to be trapped in. All the wayangs are pretty scary. I wonder what activity is happening at night on this building. Creepy. By the way Rp 5000 per entry. 

Next up is the Ceramic and Fine Arts Museum. We are left with 30 minutes to explore before it closes at 5pm. Yes people the museums here ends at 5pm. This is where we can see Jakarta’s fine arts and  pottery. Ticket price: Rp 5000

Cafe Batavia is where our meal of the day is. Let say it is kind of a high dining place. Why I say so is because of the service rendered. The food is also pretty much up there with high prices as well. Portion is a little small but the presentation is there. Sometimes it is good to pamper yourself a bit to a nice fine dining place. Besides, the place we ate is a nice place and view as well. 

I got to experience Jakarta’s humble public bus transport. Unlike Singapore MRT lines, theirs is a bus line instead. Their system is called TransJakarta. The card and the top up costs at Rp50000 inclusive of a value of Rp 25000. 

Monas is a Jakarta Monument you cannot miss. It is one of the most iconic representing Jakarta. This is where Friday’s Demostration takes place though. Thank goodness there is not one today. 

ICE CREAMMMM. Yes it is ice cream! The concept is so interesting and it seems to be popular despite the location of the place. It is served in a takeaway styrofoam box too. This is called Authentic Traditional Ice Cream. Recommended!

We passed by Istiqlal Mosque before catching the Free City Bus to take us all the way back to Kota Tua to catch a cab back home. And that is my first day in Jakarta folks! 

Saturday 3rd December 2016 2254hrs


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