4th October 2016: 278/366 The Clothes That (may) Make The (wo)Man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.
Clothes have been a main priority ever since I grew older. My mother used to get the clothes for me when I was still in school and always dress me up in big L size tshirts and children pants because honestly my waist is that small that only fits children pants. 

Now ever since I start to do my own shopping, I go for my body size s or m depending on the cutting. I dress on my own style and go for fit sizes if possible. I do however do still have my clothing from the past but I am slowly clearing that up and giving my oversize L tshirts away. I still have a lot to clear though.

They say if you look good, it means you will feel good. Of course if I am going to work and have no plans before and after, I probably just wear my clothings unplanned and in a cycle and also have my slippers on. 

I also look at girls who present themselves nicely. I think the way a lady dressed does define how good they look at the end. I am a believer of every person have their own self beauty and the only way that makes their beauty stands out is on self appearance and behaviour. 

Wednesday 30th November 2016 0613hrs


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