3rd October 2016: 277/366 New Internet Order

All the world’s countries have decided that the Internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime Minister of the ‘Net — do you accept? If so, what will your platform be?

Yes like duh why not!? In this case I will shut down all prohibited R Rated Sites. Like come on, these sites are just so sickeningly disgusting. Maybe I just hated porn. 

Another thing I will shut down is bad negative media that teaches bad things. Like stereotypical angst and offences. I will hire Internet Police as well that will capture all these negative harmful people who spreads bad media. 

I have a cause tonight to stop Internet Sex. I find all these Internet sex thing is considered as rape because these horny creatures just could not keep themselves quiet. 

I need help from everybody using the net to continue spreading positivity and reduce the negativity because the Internet is that universally big that nobody can imagine.

Wednesday 30th November 2016 0038hrs


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