1st October 2016: 275/366 Fearful Symmetry

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Saturday Morning, rise and shine! Shift back to back today because it is the family weekend. Speaking of which I might be doing 12 hours today too. Sadly it will be one of the two from the morning will be doing the 12 hours to cover from 3 to 7pm. See how things would turn out but hey earn a little bit extra pocket money for the time. 

So this morning would be another hectic busy shift as usual just like yesterday afternoon shift. Surprisingly not surprise we have so many leisure groups yesterday starting with the most tiring group to handle and we also ended with that same group enquiries when they came back from their tour. 

Seriously, I am literally posting randomly because I have no idea what to blog about using this limitation of a starting letter thing. 

Starting with this post too marks the start of the October worth of posts and yes I am trying my best to catch up as much as possible. Smart as you are, you probably can tell that I am using my favourite letter to start on every sentence as stated by the prompt. S it is, I did it.

Saturday 26th November 2016 0625hrs 


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