21st September 2016: 265/366 We Can Be Taught!

What makes a teacher great?

Teachers in general are all great because their purpose is to teach and guide students to improve, do their best and stretch them to the fullest extent. However, what makes a teacher influence his/her students feel that you are the best? 

A great teacher teaches people by example. They will teach people values that they themselves will possess. That shows credibility in their characters where people will want to follow and be inspired by. I want to be the one who uphold values I believed in and stand strongly for. 

I came across many great teachers of my own from my school to work and even my home. My mother is not just a teacher in profession but a great mother of mine too. She have taught my sister and I the hard way and we understand why is it that way when we grew up. 

I have friends who are great teachers too whom they share their experiences with me and encourage me to go for the things I believe in. Even my friends who knows I do not smoke or drink would discourage me not to be like them. Sometimes people just use themselves as examples of how to not be like them nor fall into their bad situations they had before and I feel those are the best teachers in friends whom used themselves as reference as a life lesson to others. 

Thank you to all the teachers I have in my life. It inspires me to be an inner teacher myself to others as well and sure it is hard sometimes but you get your message acrossed. 

Monday 21st November 2016 2342


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