20th September 2016: 264/366 No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.

I think exposing somebody else mistakes or secrets on a large scale is terribly unfair. Do not get me wrong that keeping a secret about a criminal is a good thing. It is not. In fact, advicing the person to admit and be responsible for their mistakes is what we should go for. Even if we want to report the matter, it should be done in a non alarming or embarassing way. 

Life is unfair; most people says it. Unfortunately Life is actually fair because the other half to weigh the unfairness is not visible to you at that point of time. Besides, if bad things happens that makes you think life is unfair. Well don’t you think you learn something. I believe that life happens if you are able to go through it and there is always a reason why Life happens. 

In my workplace, I always experience where guests just blame you for something you have no idea about or have nothing related to the blame. Actual fact, they just need a place to vent out their frustrations and I soon understand that I am the person to vent on because I am able to take it and move forward. Besides, in customer service, are the customers always right? Well yes for listening to them but not take the blame for it and get yourself in trouble for it. 

Overall, Life is fair no matter what happens. Even on my first paragraph, it will turn fair eventually because you will know how the person actually is, Right? 

Monday 21st November 2016 1359hrs 


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