16th September 2016: 260/366 Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Good Morning Friday! In my life, I do came across with people who varies in sensitivity and not because they have one less sense but they are just emphatatically involved in what others feel or think which is a good trait unless they are super sensitive to the point that they get pretty annoying asking questions that is an obvious and prompt you to the most stupidest question and lastly some which just have too much requests or feel that everything that was said or done revolves only around them. 

I have my share of sensitivity but just in terms of being in the situation. There are also some topics which is sensitive that we should not tap on unnecessarily. 

Alright on the prompt, if I were to give up a sense to gain a super sensitivity on another sense; I would rather not lose any of then even if some of my senses will fade its’ “power”. I still want them all. 

I missed the 6:01 train this morning and this will be determined whether I will be late or just on time purely at 7am. I will have to monitor the time awhile later whether I need to send my late for work message. 

Friday 18th November 2016 0608hrs


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