13th September 2016: 257/366 Snark Bombs, Away

Try your hand at parody or satire β€” take an article, film, blog post, or song you find misguided, and use humor to show us how. 

I failed at paradies or satires mainly because I hardly make fun of things and take everything just the way as it is. It could be funny just the way it is, do not have to alter and make it untrue. 

The train cabin I am in is pretty hot and I am sleepy to the max as well. I feel like dropping on my bed and just sleep but usually I will be wide awake when I reach home. 

The train is packed with people as well. I guess this is how Sunday crowds should be? Currently the song I am listening to is “I hate you I love you” by Gnash featuring Olivia O’brien. I can imagine if the song is not a deep kind of song and if meant to be humourous, it will be funny i think. 

Speaking of which, the song was sung by someone I kind of hurt before and I hope things have surpassed for the person. Hey you I hope things are okay since we have stop contacting with my work schedule all the time; i forget about you as well and I am sorry. I hope the best for you. 

Sunday 13th November 2016 1604hrs 


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