11th September 2016: 255/366 Thank You

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (for someone).

Good Morning Sunday! My first Sunday ever since the train timings resumed as per normal on Sunday Mornings. I do not have to get ready any late message since usually I do on Sunday Mornings as I have to go for another route which takes time and I usually ended up late for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

What a post to start with, Gratitiude. The internet now is full of rants especially on election results which I do not want to comment on my dissappointment on the hatred president towards others and there is also this children kidnapping stories circling around the net which extremely a disguting act these kidnappers have so be careful of your kids. Parents please give a careful eye on your children. 

There are so many things and people to be thankful for. Firstly, I thank Allah for waking me up each day to experience the world I am living in for I know there is still purpose for me to accomplish. I am thankful for all the things from the past and present that happened to me thus far. 

I am thankful for having my loved ones here with me, my close friends even we do not have time to talk or meet every single time, my colleagues and acquantainces I work with, even strangers I crossed path. 

Thank you all for making my 24, 2+ months, years of life worth the ride. Gosh this is great, it felt so good expressing Gratitute to start my day. You should try it. 

Oh and Happy Birthday Bik Yah!

Sunday 13th November 2016 0608hrs 


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