9th September 2016:  253/366 What a Twist

Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming. 

Good Morning Saturday! Have you girls and guys seen How to Get Away with Murder? That series is by far the best twist after clifhanger to another clifhanger. This coming week will be the mid finale and we will get to finally release the Season 3 suspense of whom is actually under those white sheets. Honestly, I do not want to be any of those main cast but as the producer mentions that it will be someone heartbreaking. 

Of course sometimes twist shows things we do not really like to see and I mean who likes to be suddenly surprised or called off guard things they could not control. Like in the reality series that never gets old with twists, who likes to be blindsided? 

I have no stories to share but in real life where twists happen suddenly and surprises that may shock you will definitely would not put you in a comfortable seat. Well most of the time we are fed with signs and hints that something is coming however that small part we are caught off guard. 

I will be on mornings this weekend so I might be having plans as well if everything goes well. I am not surprise if the twist turn of events of cancellation happens though. 

Saturday 12th November 2016 0617hrs 


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