7th September 2016:251/366 Luxurious

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?
I am on an exclusive last train to Kranji and yes this is the first after work. I had supper after work at Macdonalds and we got carried away with time. I think at the same time today is a weekday that explains trains ending slightly earlier than usual. Hmm i guess?

The one luxury I cannot live without is time. It is always not enough time for everything especially when you are taking a break from all the fatigue you went through working our asses off. 

Time is really important and that is why a balanced lifestyle is equally important. Even you need a good night rest in order for your body to reboot to work better. 

I cannot wait for December to come so that I can enjoy the luxury of time to take things slow and relax through. I do not have to think much to rush off things like I do here in Singapore. Even off days here, the time pass like a bullet train. 

Thursday 10th November 2016 0042hrs 


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