6th September 2016: 250/366 Regrets, I’ve had a Few

What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been different if you’d made another decision? 

This prompt came perfectly because I just had a conversation with a friend whom she might have a regret if things goes the wrong way of the action she just did. 

Regrets happens all in the head actually either a good outcome or a bad outcome. I have no regrets ever and I am going to share with you why. 

It is all about your intention at the point of time. If the intention in the first place is good and the reason behind it is nothing wrong; you should never worry if the outcome is not what you want it to be or a bad experience came out from it. 

Take the responsible for your own action and stand proud with it because you did it based on the benefit of the doubt, good intention and a right reason behind it. If the outcome is a bad one, use it as a learning experience to grow as an individual. Remember you are after all Human and heck care what others might think as long you know what you were doing is a good thing at first.

Tuesday 8th November 2016 2351 hrs. 


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