2nd September 2016: 246/366 Name that…You!

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Good Morning Monday? Yes today I will be a bit late heading back home because I had supper with one of my colleagues at Macdonalds. Oh and yes random that I do not think it hurts for me to share some things I know that are not meant to be secrets. If it is meant to be a secret, I probably would not even remember unless I am with the person itself. Besides it takes trust to share things with somebody on a direct and honest conversation because I hate it if I have to lie or make something up to cover. So if I am direct with you means trust level is there. 

Now about my name, according to my mother, Syanizam means somebody who can speak well but unfortunately that is not the case when I was younger because I stutter a lot. I am very proud not because I live up to my name right now because my speech is not perfect but the confidence level to speak well is there. With practice, my stutter which I still have by the way is not that obvious anymore and my sentences are more fluent. Of course, it takes me effort and time to form the sentences in my head to deliver in speech. I am still a listener at heart though. 

I still need a lot of work and practice to suit my name because I am neither a speaker nor a lawyer or even a teacher. With practice, I am able to overcome my stuttering speech problems. However sometimes I do still stutter unknowingly or I just happen to not able to speak the words I spoke before. It jumps or happen like a broken recorded tape. 

My children names will be definitely will have positive meaning and a bit originality of both of his or her parents. This portion will be justified once the right lady entered my life and have a good one reason to stay with forever and always. I am waiting….

Monday, 7th November 2016 0025hrs 


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