30th August 2016: 243/366 A Little Sneaky

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?
Good Morning Friday! It is day 3 of the last day of my first aid course mini vacation and it is a test day as well. I cannot believe I am back to work for this weekend. I honestly feel so relaxed off work with little less stress.

Speaking of which, Silkair does it again! It is a total dejavu for the second time. If you would like to know they have cancelled our return flight and reschedule to the next available flight and guess what they only sent email to one of our bookings so far. The other 2 booking reference did not have any emails notification just as yet. Unbelievable! Most to most we change the date a day longer which makes sense to use my last annual leave for that extension. I was actually thinking which day I should use it for since I have one more leave to clear before the year ends. 

Alright back to the question, I find writing prompts very useful for people like me who loves to answer questions and open up to share more about myself. 

Besides, the reason for me to blog is to act as a reflection journal expressing my daily experience, random thoughts and sharing more about myself through this prompts of course. 

Wish me luck for my first aid course test today! Honestly if not for the trainer wr had, the course is not that bad after all. Thank you Cas! 

Friday, 4th November 2016 0810hrs 


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