28th August 2016: 241/366 Ready for a Close-Up

Cast the movie of your life.

Last day of October is finally here and that is how the time passed so fast. Gosh I am so sleepy and lazy now on my way to my afternoon shift. 

The movie of my life as for now is pretty much boring and tiring. I am actually already tired with my work schedule and other than my precious time with my dear family and friends. That is just it, my movie. 

Of course I do not want my life to be a movie full of drama either or have unfortunate things to happen in my life. Life at its simple and happy at its best is good enough for me. 

December come faster right now! Oh yea this coming November 23rd is also a mark of a year I have been here and of course in my head is what is next?

Monday 31st October 2016 1359hrs 


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