23rd August 2016: 236/366 Pants on Fire

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

Liar liar pants on fire. Lies, Lies and more lies. I got to admit that I am not a perfect angel, I lie before but usually the purpose to cover up something from getting things to burn further or well half truths meaning the thing happened but it might have some things in it that I did not reveal. 

Lying is bad so I do not make it a habit. Of course I will never lie anything about myself to impress people. I rather let people know my flaws than letting them expect so much because you lie about yourself. 

If you guys want to know what I usually lie about would be usually if I forget to do something which I know I can recover from straight away. Especially during work, sometimes the guest book for a taxi and you overlook, I probably call on the spot and tell the guest is on its way. Half truth? 

When it comes to lying completely, people will know because I do not lie well. So usually I hardly lie in fact because I fail the lying test unless it is half true. 

Thursday 27th October 2016 1402hrs


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