22nd August 2016: 235/366 Viral

The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you’ve been asked to publish a new post it’ll be the first thing tens of thousands of new readers will see. Write it.

So I am being featured? Well there is nothing much you can get than my very honest thoughts and sharing of experience of my life. So what I have learn from today?

Today just prove that there is no point of staying any longer. There is a fine line of informing through letting people know in a proper manner than yelling it across. I just find it very unprofessional in a working environment unless it is the guest doing it then it is another story because at least on that part you are in a customer service line so when the guest yell at you; it is part of my job to divert the tone down. Dissappointed that these kind of acts surfaced are done by non-guests. Well, life move on and I do too very easily. 

Another learning point I like today is also about evaluation. Evaluation is really very important but sometimes you have to look as a whole than doing it on a personal level. 

Sometimes evaluation must be done based on work rather than knowing the person. Some people are friends but in terms of work, they are sloppy. Some people you dont like their character or behaviour but based on work, they are the best person to lean on. 

As for me I am very neutral in terms of knowing the person as a person because I am not perfect myself but in terms of work, I am the most honest I could be but of course if the questions have longer range spectrum rate I probably be in the centre positive rate unless otherwise. 

Tuesday 25th October 2016 2352hrs 


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