13th August 2016:  226/366 Drawing the Line

Can anything be funny or some things are off limits? 

I am an all up for laughs and I laugh easily too but hey some things are off limits. There are some things are not funny and it is not because I do not get it but it is just unsensitive. 

Some things like bad experience or things that you should not laugh about like other people’s flaws and weaknesses. In fact these things need to be taken with caution because it does not hurt you but we are talking about being human here. 

Empathy is my best gene because I put in other people’s shoes or scenarios of what would happen so that is why I always think and craft my words before I talk. You can be direct but with the correct purpose and constructive too because after all you will never fully feel or understand what he/she is feeling or experiencing. 

Laugh all you can like me sometimes I do not know why I laugh with no reason sometimes but keep in mind of the surroundings around you and also the context of your laughter. 

And yes it is Friday! Off day like finally! Later today will be a bittersweet day and yes food too! I am looking forward to Chicken Rice farewell Lunch and Noodles, Rojak and waffles catch up dinner! 

Friday 21st October 2016, 0012hrs  


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