12th August 2016: 225/366 Lifeline

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Good Afternoon Thursday! And so I bake after a long time. Yesterday Macarons for the first time and it is not near perfect but it is good enough as it tasted like one. I made a lemon almond flavoured biscuit with a nutella cream cheese filing and after an overnight left in the fridge, it tasted super. 

I wanted to use the Macarons for the farewell gift for my friend but the amount of work needed to produce nice perfect ones tires me out so in exchange I made my school time favourite Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies. Decorate the empty jar I bought for 2 dollars from Daiso and not forgetting the handmade card and a photo for the memories. I missed and loved doing these things so maybe I should do it on a sideline. 

To the prompt; it will be awkward when a palm reader wants to read my palm and usually it is a coincidence if it happens to be true. I am not a palm reader believer but for this case I imagine what she will say; I will make it true. 

I am going through a stage where I am getting tired of my working life. There is not enough rest and I am simply working hard with very little recognition involved and besides that; you are doing more than what you deserve to be paid for and the opportunities of words that was offered to you does not even turned into actions.  You are only here for the experience. Well pretty true. 

Love life is a little slow for you because you gone threw a sudden break up relationship and devastating heartbreaks. Besides you have no time to date anybody because there is no chance to explore relationships in your current working job. Yeah I lost that drive. 

In other aspects, you have been patient with people who are not worth your time because they have no sense of responsibility for their own actions. You always make it work with what you earned. Family and close friends at this point of time matters you the most because of the so little time you have in a week. Time is precious that sometimes sleep is not enough. Yeah I guess that is my life. 

Overall, you are just happy with what you are being blessed with right now, appreaciate every small acts of kindness and take every letdown an opportunity to learn. That is usual for me because all I want in this life is to be myself and to be happy even though life throw you lemons. A smile goes a long way for me. 

Thursday 20th October 2016 2329hrs. 

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