8th August 2016: 221/366 (Yawn)

What bores you?

The things that requires me to read long passages and texts bores me to the max. I have very short attention span although ironically I love writing but not stories though. I write mostly on a personal level based on me or my experiences. I also do in reflective of my perspective on other people shoes. 

I feel I bore myself sometimes because I am too easy going and simple that appears boring. I do not mind peace of mind  because that is how I just do not think much and just relax. 

Subjects like politics, government, law, numbers bores me as well maybe because I do not have any interest but it will be good for general knowledge of what is happening in the world. 

Overall I think I bore people easily and not me getting easily bored. Oh yes I admit if I got nothing to do sometimes at work can sometimes make me bored because time pass slowly. 

Monday 17th October 2016 1356hrs


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