5th ​August 2016: 218/366 Ballerina, fireman, astronaut, moviestar

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

This a treat to everybody. When I was 10 I have so many dreams mostly to appear on television such as an actor, singer, news broadcaster, host, I even want to be a teacher following my dearest mummy footsteps. I have weird thing of being a male model too. 

Things change when talent died after the puberty kicks in. I have dreams of being an artist, cook and musician. I also wanted to be a counsellor as well. 

Again aspiration changes when I enter poly which I got into design diploma. I dream to be an interaction designer, researcher, report writer, facilitator. Interaction designer was then my main ambition till after National Service. 

Currently now in reality I am on my second back up option in a customer service line under tourism and hospitality. I am currently a hotel concierge in the hotel industry on my first ever first full time job for almost 11 months now and yes I have plans to go further in the hotel line if opportunity permits or other opportunities kicks in. I am also doing a freelance listener all my life and working on reflection blogs on prompts given. I have friends who seek help on editing their reports too so yea that is a plus point. I also do random baking if I have time and a loyal instagrammer as well. Other things such as sketching, colouring, event planner, travel planner itenerary, freelance gift/card making also are part of my resume. Oh and spending time over food with friends and family is a must so as catching up my favourite series. 

Friday, 14th October 2016, 2352hrs


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