1st August 2016: 214/366 A Divisive Issue

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in whicubyou take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (rountable discussions, debate transcript, etc.)

I do not really follow up on the news but usually a divisive issue usually separates between two different perspectives like how individuals should be judge by their own rather than have news that reflects their kind. 

So this morning I am going to tackle a common problem I have among my friends and that is the decision to tender your resignation. This is where things get a bit complicated for me; here is why:

1. I want at least a year in my resume for my first ever full time job. There are a lot of opportunities within that make you want to stay a little more thinking maybe it happens. There are people I enjoy working with and I love the job in terms of interaction with guests. 

Yes people stay due to having a sense of goal and accomplishment for the specific job he/she is. There are also opportunities underlying that they could grab within without leaving and they can use it to learn more. People also love the job so much that there is an attachment that they want to do this each day. However there is this second part:

2. I am getting tired with spending 6 days a week at work leaving me with just a day rest which is not enough actually. I am missing my social life because my life equipped with mostly work. I felt that I am doing so much work that does not reflect my pay slip and job title but that is okay because I am learning more things. However these works then slowly become my part of a responsibility all of a sudden and I have been learning all these on my own with no proper training and guidance. Speaking of every workplace, there is definitely politics in the work. There are people who do not like your working style or even have a courtesy to inform me if I do something wrong. There is also lack of teamwork and ownership. Even some things done were not appreaciated. Besides why stay if there are a better opportunity that have way more benefits and income which you can even excel further. 

The second scenario definitely reflects on an overall bad working environment between how the working ethics is and also relationships between colleagues at work. There is no sense of belonging and acceptance that eventually drives certain individuals to move further the edge and just attend work just because they love doing it but not with the politics happening. Any more forms of discomfort they already have that drive off patience and eyebrowns will eventually break and snaps no matter how much things that come out to make you stay like a pay raise or a promotion. 

There are people out there who wants to make things work for themselves but sometimes they try their best that do not seem enough to make people satisfied or themselves happy even though what they are doing is going in a good direction. 

Well if there is a good worker and if it is all worth it. You probably want to take care of them rather than they decide to find somwthing better to take care of themselves which people should. 

So friends on this Wednesday Morning; give yourself a little time to evaluate your situation and if it is time, just stay to secure another opportunity outside before tendering unless things really get that bad. No matter what decision you guys make, you know I got your back. 

Wednesday 12th October 2016 0642hrs. 


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