31st July 2016: 213/366 Pat on the Back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

So today is the 10th October. Happy birthday Dad? Oh wait there would not be a reply. At least I tried. My trainee told me today that is true without my dad there would not be me. 

Today work is filled with pretty interesting guests. I have a super friendly guest who loves talking to me and even ask me so many me questions rather than about Singapore. There are also interesting questions of where to find Dry Crocodile Meat, well I found out that Chinatown have medical clinics and herb shops that have them. Apparently it is used for Astma. And yes a few guests loves my smile and gave me good thumbs for service today. So all the crappy negative thoughts I had yesterday just turned out that being myself and doing my best is so far a good thing. Just oh well some people just thought otherwise and that should not bring me down. 

I am happy too that one of the guest acknowledged me that while liasing with me through email, she thought it is someone who is older and way experienced but she was suprised that in meeting me in real life; i am a young chap with great attitude and service. She inform me to keep it up and I believed I will move up fast. Thank you Maam for those words I need. 

Looks like many gave me a pat on the back today and I thank you all for letting me a chance to shine and gave a good service as a hotel Concierge. I will continue the best I can and I have to be proud of it because today just proves many are proud of my service I gave today. 

Lastly I envy how rich people sometimes are but it is okay. I do my best and as long I am happy, that is good enough. The way I am brought up till today works just fine. I learnt a lot so thank you to everybody that have been and will be part of my life journey. 

Monday 10th October 2016 2349hrs 


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