28th July 2016: 210/366 Life after Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Good Morning Thursday! Happy birthday to my beautiful sister of mine who turned a year wiser yesterday on the 5th. Yes I am on morning shift today instead of afternoon due to unforseen circumstances. 

So life without a computer? Everything will be based on paperwork especially at work. Things will take a little time longer to find. Information also will be based on studying the resources based on written or taken documentation. 

I will be mostly be writting which is not a good idea to start with because my handwriting is not the best piece to read from as long you are my trained nurse to read my doctor handwriting. I just need time and should not be tensed when writing. Thats all. 

But really without computer is not a good idea if you are working. Out of work, no computer, at least we can still equipped with other non-computerised activities such as baking, go for nature trails, explore and most importantly eat and sleep. I think I have much more rest if my life do not have a computer which is m distracts me all the time with tv series and surf around for holiday ideas. 

Thursday 6th October 2016, 0614hrs 


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