25th July 2016: 207/366 A Friend in Need…

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

Good Evening! Gosh what a busy day it is. I am super exhausted after everything ends. I am fasting today too so thats add to the fatigue I am feeling. Currently on my way home and not had a proper meal yet but just a glass of cold plain water earlier when I ended work. 

This post is interesting because it addressed to my closest friend. Well honestly I have more than one closest friend for knowing me the way I am differently. I am the same person throughout, just that the amount I open up differs. 

My closest friend is somebody who understands and accepts me for whatever flaws I have. They know how I always try my best to be the best person I can although sometimes it is not perfect. They know I want them to be happy and they know there is always a room of forgiveness and chances if they made mistakes. They know how much patience I have and will never try to push the button. They know how much I totally understand if they are honest about things and does not work out the way I hope it will be. They kmow I am always a call away and needs some time to schedule meetups. We do not have to talk or meet often, we just got that closeness towards each other. 

Gosh once I reach home at 2100hrs, all i think is food. Anyway, If you fit that, you are one of my closest friends. Of course I know my closest friends are and they should know they are my closest friends too. 

Monday 3rd October 2016, 2154hrs 

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