18th July 2016:  200/366 Flip Flop

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Well opinions do actually change due to either after you have experience the issue or understand a bit more in regards to the topic. You tend to feel and understand it further which sometimes will mix up your emotions and therefore change your opinion about it.

I do not have a clear example of a personal opinion that I change drastically or an opposite manner in regards to an issue or topic. I do have an example of themed parks with rides which I do not really like simply because I am not a fun rides kind of person. But after being dragged into one, I realise that the reason I could not enjoy these kind of themed parks is due to the lack of control I have and I could not just let myself go which I should in order to enjoy. 

I described myself to be tensed when it comes to things which I could lose myself into. I have my own situations when I am relaxed and calm but not in things that have lack of control of myself. 

That is how weird I am and yes what opinions I have said before may change over time and depending on situations so do not assume what I said before will stick to it till forever. 

Wednesday 28th September 2016 0002hrs


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