17th July 2016: 199/366 Stranger in a Strange Land

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?
Good Afternoon! So I have been keeping myself occupied with work and my over 2 months prompts daily while I am on a journey to or from work since it take about an hour each. Honestly I have been just occupied with that and nothing else. Well social life really stinks with the number of work week I have but oh wells. The things that happens to me are basically circles around work, the journey I am to and fro and as well as the friends who gave me heads up over chatting apps. 

With all that said above, I do plan on family outings and upcoming December trip to Bandung with them. Bandung is not my first time so I kind of know what is happening and where to bring them a bit from my previous half solo half friends trip. 

However Jakarta is a strange land to me because it will be my first time and I am going over Solo and of course the perks of having friends from overseas which I might bump or meet them. I have about 2 people I know whom are from Jakarta and if they are available on the weekend. They would not mind bringing me around. 

I am definitely looking forward to architecture, sightseeing and in Indonesia where food is easy. I have my colleagues who are heading to Jakarta too so I could ask them for what to look out for there. Even my trainee warns me about safety and also must try Red Velvet Cake by Union. He is heading there as well next week. 

Jakarta is also like Singapore city like so I should be okay travelling around. I just need to be as usual alert with my personal belongings. Hope all goes well. I cannot wait for a long break in December which I need it most. Solo friends and family trip over 4 cities in Indonesia. That sounds exciting! 

Tuesday, 27th September 2016 1401hrs


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