16th July 2016: 198/366 Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans. 

My body seems to be weaker than usual with my nose being an irritating factor due to flu out from nowhere. At least I have cleared supper with my colleagues after work with another EBI Burger and yes Hot Himalayan Tea! 

So now building my DREAM HOME. I love a big house though by the beach with a pool. Quite a number rooms for my kids and family members to be together for weekends. Have a room for hobbies like travel, art and music. Have a room for play for kids, board games and electronic games. Have a room for movie screening and catching up series marathon. Have a room for work related and homework. Have a room for air b n b guests too. If we have all pf these, there is no reason for no quality time at home if we cannot head out. N

That DREAM HOME will be my dreaming dream tonight. Alright time to head the sack for a good night rest and enjoy all those activities in that big house of mine. Goodnight World! Join me maybe? 

Tuesday 27th September 2016 0137hrs


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