9th July 2016: 191/366 Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?
Good Afternoon Monday! A brand new week ahead! What a prompt this is? Hahaha this is really a direct post for people I do not really like reading the inside out of me. 

Apparently I am not a hater nor a person with much fear of people reading the thoughts I have because whatever I respond and reflect was meant to be shared with everybody as my blog is public. 

Of course I do get embarassed sometimes if people start quoting what I wrote but hey that is me. That is what I wrote at the point of time that question was thrown at me. Perception and things definitely change when you get older. So what I said in the past might not be what I think it is now. 

On my way for an afternoon shift today. Hope it will be a smooth one. No Monday Blues. 

Monday 19th September 2016, 1353hrs


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