8th July 2016: 190/366 Barter System

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

Good Afternoon Sunday! Back to back shift and as usual Sunday Mornings I am always late for work. Currently on my way back from work in a train with my eyes half open typing this post. 

If the world still work with a barter system, I probably struggle terribly because I do not think I have much services to even offer for the barter system. If time and customer service can be part of the barter system, why not eh? 

I wonder how do people in the past deal with this barter system like how to know how much is enough for a certain things for the trade when no value have been put yet? 

Sunday 18th September 2016, 1612hrs


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