2nd July 2016 : 184/366 The Road Less Travelled

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

Good Afternoon People. Selamat Aidiladha to my fellow muslim friends and happy holidays to those who are not working. For some of us who are working today, thank you for the sacrifice for smooth operations. Indeed today we celebrate a day of sacrifices and pilgrimage. 

Making big decisions in life will divert you to different paths, I think my decisions are not very big at the moment or maybe all of my choices are big decisions and moves. What I know is no matter what choice I made is to never regret it, if the decision you decide brought you struggles, you should those are the challenges that you can overcome and grow. 

I am yes a very simple person that goes with what life throws at me but If I have not made any decisions, I will never come to my current stage in life of now a 10 months on my first full time job that can bloom into a lifetime career and all the things I have learn and the relationships I have grew with my loved ones, best of friends and acquantainces. 

Alright I am on my way to work now for afternoon shift bringing some celebration goodies. I will miss my two little kids coming later but well theres always next time. 

Monday 12th september 2016 1407hrs. 


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