21st June 2016 : 173/366 Ha ha ha

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger β€” all jokes are welcome!

If you probably ask me to stand in front of an audience to do a stand up comedy, i probably froze to death because I am not a funny guy nor a joke kind of person. My kind of jokes are probably lame. Oh speaking of which that yes I do get stage fright ironically because I love to perform when I was younger. Okay this is funny because I talked about this with Radyia earlier today. 

Today I had an interesting halal Japanese choice of lunch at Jcube. Food was not that bad, however Radyia and I had no clue of what things are as the pictures are so limited. Menu full of Japanese dishes that we have no clue of that we have to Google. Oh and yes I bought myself a birthday gift this year, a brand new pair of specs. Oh wait 2 actually. Thanks Rad for helping with my choices. 

Lastly jokes aside, Singapore lost its longest running President of 10 years that plays a major figure of what a great President is like. Thanks for being an inspiring figure, our prayers are with you former President Mr SR Nathan. 

Alright 2nd day of 12 tomorrow and it is going to be busyyyy. Wish me luck! 

23rd August 2016, Tuesday 2358hrs 


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