19th June 2016: 171/366 Tagline 

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

My blog tagline is “Dosag Piecese of Inspired Rhymes & Rambling Thoughts” just because it was supposed to be updated on daily with random prompts and bonuses of inspired poetry. That just stopped when things just get out of hand and dragged on further. I am like 2 months behind right now with the prompts and my poetry just died on me with no new inspirations coming my way.

If I were to have a tagline on myself just like my blog does and companies have, it needs to represent me as a whole and how will people see me like once they see me or know me from the first impression. The world judges you and your tagline have to reflect directly on that for the sake of credibility.

Almost 24 years now, I think I described myself and how everybody would agree that I am a nice guy with surprises and the one who never leaves a smile; the guy full of positivity and always does his best not to hurt anybody. And with that I have thought myself a tagline…

Nizam – Full of Positivity, never ending Surprises and not forgetting the SMILE J

Okay a little too long for a tagline eh?

20th August 2016, Saturday 2039hrs


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