18th June 2016: 170/366 Might as well Jump 

 What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

The biggest risk I would LOVE to take is to pack up my bags and travel around the world working as a travelogue writer. I would love to do writing and travelling at the same time visiting places and writing about the experience.

Firstly to get that kind of job is a DREAM come true. In order to comfortably taking that risk is firstly securing that DREAM job first and also have plenty of cash in my pocket just in case I got lost or have to spent incidentals around the world.

Back to reality, today is my off fay finally after 11 days work streak as usual after a holiday ending up to a 12-hour shift at the end. The next cycle is going to be my first ever 12 days streak with lots of things and plans happening at the same time, birthday dinners and company’s dinner and dance too. The 12 days challenge is going to be tiring but I got a feeling I will enjoy it as well with lots of surprises and events happening throughout the next two weeks.

 I am going to have fun feeling 24 and being 24.

 20TH August 2016, Saturday 2003hrs


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