14th June 2016: 166/366 In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality – or lack of – for the first time.

 There are so many times where you just gave up because things does not go your way such as a plan that goes terribly wrong  or feel like this is your end of your life as death popped up because there is no other way than a hope and a saving grace. 

I am speaking on near death experiences that you keep fighting because you know at least you did try your best to live and whatever happens after happens. 
One of which is my almost drown incidents where I was pulled by the strong current so far away from where I suppose to be and this is a river and I am on life jacket. I fight so hard to get back to where I was paddling so hard against the current and I am swallowing too much water but I get further and further away. The only difference about my drowning experience in the pool, the river water was clean. I remembered clearly even with the string that was thrown to me by the guide does not reach me so I have to keep paddling hard to get to the string. It was so tiring that I wanted to give up and it feels that there is no way because I have no more willpower to do so. At that point, i say to myself whatever happens after at least I try my best to stay alive. And with my lifetime was not meant to end there, the string I managed to grabbed from nowhere.

The funny part of the many drowning expeience I had with water, I do enjoy very much water activities and swimming actually. I just need to be alert and keep myself fully rested especially in a pool or a sea without life jacket. 

14th August 2016, Sunday 0702hrs 

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